Daniele & Ira

Hello, we are Daniele & Ira

This is us, a Ukrainian and an Italian who met in Estonia, where we currently live. We own two Masters in Cyber Security and one fancy leather jacket. Except that, we both share the passion to travel. People who usually say this are very annoying tho, most of the people like to travel but not everyone can afford it. We also cannot, but we do our best with what we have. What will you find in this website? Well, this site exists because we decided to keep a diary of our incoming road trip through (East) Europe so what you will find here at the beginning will be the description of what we are planning to do and what we will do, eat and shoot at (with a camera, just to clarify). The trip will be very tiring, so I am not expecting to write long posts or in depth reviews everyday, but who knows, we might find it even more fun that we think it is and we might decide to do it. Another important thing that you will find in this website is our pictures. We both are approaching the passion for photography, and despite we are beginners we want to share and show our pictures to the world (a.k.a. our 7 readers). In this website, if you see a picture, that will be our picture, no Googled stuff. Most likely in the posts we will write during our trips you will see pictures from our phones, but we will also try to put in the gallery the photos we think are worth showing, made with proper gear and with a pinch of post-editing.