Czech Republic – Prague

Unfortunately in this gallery there are 10% of the pictures we would like to be there. We didn’t bring our cameras the night we spent in the city center and we highly regretted it. These pictures are the ones taken during the morning we wandered around the city center, hoping to find the same marvelous…

Germany – Munich

Honestly, we have not been really enthusiastic of our stop in Munich. The city looked nice, but nothing more. Probably we didn’t have enough time to explore it properly and that is the reason. This small gallery are our pictures taken there during the sunny morning we have visited 🙂

Liechteinstein – Vaduz

Small gallery for a small country. This tiny State is located between Austria and Switzerland. These pictures are taken during our very short stop in the capital, Vaduz! Here we had a walk and we visited the postal museum, where we got our fake passport stamps 🙂 !

Italy – Genoa Aquarium

Are you curious about sea-life? Do you want to see rare and singular creatures and learn more about them? The Genoa Aquarium is the 9th biggest aquarium in the world and the 2nd in Europe and has definitely a lot to offer. These pictures are taken in our stop there 🙂

Italy – Rome

Some of the pictures that we have taken in our rocket-fast tour of Rome. To make justice to the city a whole website of pictures would still not be enough, so these pictures have the only purpose to let more people visit the Capital of the World.

Italy – Venice

Is there a city more romantic than Venice? We are not sure. We hope that you will fall in love as much as we did with this city in a lagoon, where there are not roads, but just canals and the main way to move around is by boat! The pictures include some shots taken…

Slovakia – Bratislava

These pictures are also taken in Slovakia, this time in the Capital, Bratislava. We had a shot-tour of the city, of one day, and we visited the city center plus the Ondrejský cemetery, where some famous Slovakian are buried.