Italy – Genoa Aquarium

Are you curious about sea-life? Do you want to see rare and singular creatures and learn more about them? The Genoa Aquarium is the 9th biggest aquarium in the world and the 2nd in Europe and has definitely a lot to offer. These pictures are taken in our stop there 🙂

Italy – Rome

Some of the pictures that we have taken in our rocket-fast tour of Rome. To make justice to the city a whole website of pictures would still not be enough, so these pictures have the only purpose to let more people visit the Capital of the World.

Italy – Venice

Is there a city more romantic than Venice? We are not sure. We hope that you will fall in love as much as we did with this city in a lagoon, where there are not roads, but just canals and the main way to move around is by boat! The pictures include some shots taken…