Hey, I am Daniele! I come from Rome – caput mundi – and I am currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. During the day I am an IT guy and a Cyber Security specialist, but I often transform in a dreamer, gamer, movie-addicted and relatively creative guy. I recently started growing my passion for photography, despite I wanted it for many years and I am learning everyday how to improve both with the camera and with post-editing 🙂 As probably everyone I like to travel, I have been in many countries already but just recently I embraced the mentality of the traveler and not just the tourist. I like food (and here we go with stereotypes) and despite nothing will make me drool as a good dish of pasta, I am really into trying local cuisines and getting surprised (maybe eating insects is still a barrier to break, but for the rest…). It’s because of this that 2flags1road exists!
This website is completely made in-house, from the hosting until the development and I mostly take care of that, learning another aspect of IT that I wanted to touch long ago but never had a reason to. I hope you will find the content useful and pleasant to read and watch, despite the many grammatical mistakes that I am sure are everywhere, and I am open to any suggestion to improve it or any contribution!
Have fun going around, keep an eye on us because we are slow but unstoppable in adding content!

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