Day 11, 12 – The weather against us

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jul 16, 2018

The last two days have been pretty lousy, and not for our fault. We woke up yesterday morning at the huge camping we reached the night before, and luckily we found some free places in the dining room to make breakfast. Right after we finished, we immediately left to reach Hvammstangi, the seals’ capital of Iceland. Since the beginning, the weather was quite bad, completely cloudy and windy, but the drive was relatively easy although long. We reached Hvammstangi pretty fast, but we decide not to do the seals watching tour because it was quite expensive and because with that weather wouldn’t be that enjoyable. Here we stop for lunch in a camping that had awesome facilities, and really convenient price, if you know what I mean. After our quick lunch, we decided to keep going West, and to have a quick visit to the Westfjords, a region that generally tourists do not visit. img To keep mental sanity, we decided to drive on paved roads only, so we took the long way and reached Holmavik in 3h30. The road offered some of the best views of Iceland and was a real pleasure to drive. Here we just stop for fuel, to buy some grocery, and then we decided to check the campsite opposite the gas station. The dining room closed at 20.30, and it was 19.30, so we decided to sneak inside and have a quick dinner before going further. The facility here was quite nice and desert, so we cooked our food, rather than eating tactical food. At 20.30 sharp we were back on the road to reach Drangsnes, a tiny little city whose main attraction is a set of three hot tubs which are free and on the coastline. We reached the city and the tubs were all taken by probably locals that were enjoying their Saturday night, so we headed to the campsite, which mostly consisted in a 20mx20m piece of grass. Here, immediately the keeper of the camping approaches us with his car and charges us. His reactivity was truly unexpected given the size of the place. Anyway, we paied and then we gathered our stuff to go to the hot tubs. Big surprise, after we walked there, the tubs were busier than before, so we gave up and called it a day. We retired in the van and watched one episode of ‘black books’, then we just went to sleep.

img In the morning we woke up with the sound of the rain on the ceiling. In fact, today it rained all the time, non stop. We went brushing our teeth with the rain, we went back to the same campsite where we had dinner to make breakfast with rain, we drove back from the Westfjords to Borgarnes (on The Snaefellsnes peninsula) with rain.

On the way to Borgarnes, we watched some volcanic craters (Grabrok) with a short 30m hike, where these little mountains of lava are surrounded by moss-covered lava fields. img

From Borgarnes we drove to Stykkisholmur, with rain, and here we went to a local restaurant, which specializes in lamb and mussels. We took a lamb steak and lamb goulash. The steak was good, really good, but the goulash was not really liked by the princess, so we comforted ourselves with a slice of chocolate cake each, which was nice. img img

The rest of the day has been spent literally driving through cities looking for a roof and a plug, we headed West and we passed to a landmark such as Kirkjufell (where Ben Stiller was skateboarding past in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), which was completely covered by a cloud and will be one of tomorrow’s stops, weather permitting. In our quest to have a roof, we reached almost the West coast, and then after several failed tries to find a cafe (the first was a restaurant, the second was converted to a guesthouse…) we found on an offer for a room in a guesthouse in a city we passed. We booked and we retired here to spend the evening, abusing the plugs to charge our devices and taking a proper shower. From here we are writing and soon we will go to sleep, with alarm ready for tomorrow at 8, to have our breakfast included in the room 🙂 The weather has not been on our side for the last 2 days, let’s hope tomorrow this will change and we can have some better adventures than just driving and dodging goats on the road. We wish you a good night and a nice day for tomorrow 🙂