Day 14 – Our last stop, Reykjavik

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jul 25, 2018

So, we’re back to our routine life in Tallinn, and frankly speaking, it’s quite hard to start writing this chapter, since this will be the last page of our amazing trip. Let’s go back to day 14 and plunge into memories of this day. We left the “hippie” campsite quiet late and headed to Reykjavik. Despite it was around 13 kilometers to the capital, it took us more than half an hour to get there due to road works (they better have a good explanation to decide making them in high season!). Since it was almost lunchtime we decided to scout for some good restaurant and hopefully not to get robbed. We made our choice and set the navigator to this well-reviewed place called Messinn.
img The restaurant was going to close at 15:00, so we (Ira) were quite nervous to get there in time and taste the desired salmon burger. Apparently Google maps were not updated, so before reaching the place we had to make hell of a U-turn in the cite center and even couple of circles due to countless forbidding signs. By our sweat and blood we managed to park our van not far from the place (in the most expensive parking area) and rushed to the restaurant with our fingers crossed it’d be open. The universe smiled at us and a nice waiter handed the menus. We took a fish burger served with potato wedges and a famous Icelandic fish pan that included fried arctic char with honey, almonds, tomatoes, lemon and butter. meal The meals were at the highest level and even comparatively cheap. With our full stomachs the exploration of the city’s core began. We started with one of Reykjavik’s visit cards – Harpa, a concert hall in the center of Reykjavik.

The building’s colored glass facade is very charming and staying there at different hours of a day might reveal some beautiful light shows, but unfortunately we didn’t have time for that, so we headed to capital’s main landmark – Hallgrimskirkja, that could already be seen from the city hall square.

When we reached it we had our desserts we bought earlier in a bakery nearby, observed its unique design and decided to get back to the car, since our parking time was running off. On the way to the car we hopped into one tourist trap to fulfill our flags collection and admired city’s street art and multicolored houses that add some adorableness. img

After extending the parking time we headed to Reykjavik Museum of Photography which was literally under our noses. We were lucky to visit the German photographer Olaf Otto Becker’s spectacular exhibition which addresses changes in the natural environment caused by human influence or arising from climate change. His works are breathtaking and raise a lot of questions. img
After watching a short movie about the photographer and thoroughly examining his works, it was almost the museum’s closing time, so out of the corner of our eye we visited a mysterious Black Metal exhibition and went back to the car to reach our next destination – Perlan museum, one of the largest and most ambitious exhibition project the capital could offer.


Provided with warm vests our journey here began with a glacial ice cave, where we learnt about its structure and experienced its natural cold. After exploring the ice cave we immersed ourselves in the Glaciers atmosphere. Here we learnt the history of Icelandic glaciers, marveled at their 360° view and even were introduced to their future and its cause to the whole world. img

After spending some time with these interactive and entertaining exhibits, we went to the museum’s glass dome to get a panoramic view on the whole city. img

Due to some construction works we were not able to make the whole 360°, but it was good enough for us, since this was the reason the whole pack ticket costed 3 time less its original price 😀 Anyway, on the way back from the dome we accidentally stumbled upon a fascinating photo exhibition on recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland, and we called it a day. img
Being painfully aware this was the beginning of the end, we set the navigator to our first campsite in Iceland. Perhaps, because of a huge amount of cars or a gained experience in these 2 weeks, it looked totally different to us this time. After finding a spot and packing our backpacks we had a dinner and got into our sleeping bags for the last night here.

This was a holiday of a lifetime and we hope to come back here someday 🙂