Day 3 – Skogar or Stairway to Heaven

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jul 07, 2018

The alarm rang at 6.30, definitely too early and in fact we woke up actually 1h later. The camping’s location plus a very wild parking style allowed us to have a breakfast with probably the best view ever, right in front of Skogafoss waterfall, with the bonus of being (still) virtually without tourists. imgThe breakfast was quite festive, since in front of us we had a long walk planned (8km, 16km roundtrip) trough a hiking path that starts exactly from behind Skogafoss. We managed to have a look at the waterfall, take a couple of pictures and then finally to start our walk. imgTo reach the trail, first it is necessary to climb hundreds of steps to reach the summit of Skogafoss, and from there a tiny path goes all across mountains, plateaus, canyons and tons, tons of waterfalls. imgThe trail was quite demanding and the path was in bad conditions, very often the official path was impossible to follow and we (and everyone else) had to pass more across mountains. This trail is said to ‘contain’ 36 different waterfalls, each of which is actually huge and faces a huge canyon with the walls full of deep green grass. imgThe show is just amazing and it is definitely worth the effort to walk on almost vertical uphills, cross small rivers and walk on mountain tops. We did not manage to reach the 8km target that we set, we were not expecting such rough conditions, and we turned back after a bit more than 4km. We were also running out of water and the weather started getting a bit worse, so we did not want to add 1 to the already 4 search and rescue calls that happened in the last 10 days on this trail. img

The way back was incredibly fast, despite the steep downhills for which our knees will pay the bill tomorrow, and we reached the van in less than 1h30m. After this, we planned to have a shower – for which 3 coins of 100ISK are required – but apparently nobody has the required coins so after having bothered all the shops nearby and a good number of people around, we decided to postpone the shower after lunch. Given the fact that we had plenty of time and we need(ed) even more rest, we decided to have a ‘good’ meal and we used some of the stuff bought from a grocery store yesterday. This ‘stuff’ included tortillas, disgusting fried beans, salad, tomatoes and – once we discovered the beans were actually disgusting – Nutella, which matches quite well also with tortillas. imgBy the time the lunch was ready, it started raining, so we spiced our food with some fresh rain, and closed in our van, waiting that it will stop raining or that someone will give us our coins to take a long desired hot shower. The plan after the shower is to go to sleep, with alarm at 5, in order to reach the black sand beach before any bus full of Asians will. Have a goodnight and we hope to meet you tomorrow with some new adventures (and possibly a not so terrible smell) 🙂