Day 1

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 12, 2017

As planned, plans changed. It was a bit unexpected that it would have happened on the first day, but such is life. This time, I won’t take the blame, the fault is all of Europcar, the rental company that we unfortunately chose, but that betrayed us so fast. To keep it short, turns out that despite this information is not presented anyway on the website, and has not been mentioned in the mail I exchanged with them, with a car rented from Europcar is only possible (paying a fee) to drive through the Baltics and Scandinavian countries. We discovered this at 10 a.m. in the morning, after I already filled some data for them. For obvious reasons, we had to turn down the reservation and start looking for other solutions, while time was already ticking. Adding to our luck, it was on Sunday, and most of the car rental offices were closed or at least didn’t have the personnel suitable to answer our questions , given the peculiar nature of our request (25 days, driving through multiple countries including non-EU). After the morning spent between swearings, curses and phone calls, turns out that there are few companies that would allow us to drive through Europe, but apparently it doesn’t exist one single company which will let you drive crossing the border of Ukraine. Beware of this. “*It is just not possible*” – as said by the gal from Sixt, the car rental that we eventually ended up using. This forced us to a fast and unexpected (and somehow dramatic) change of plans: we will cut Ukraine from the road trip, and with it also Romania will go, and we will pass from Poland directly to Slovakia (the visit to Budapest is still a question mark), saving the days that will allow us to go to Ukraine – by flight from Tallinn – once we are back. Long story short, at 18.30 we finally got our car, and we decide, with a bit of frustration but still a lot of optimism to start our trip!


The car, despite what we chose in the reservation (meh.) is a Toyota Corolla. Actually quite cool, only problem, has petrol engine. We are still very happy with it 🙂

imgSo, where did the road actually lead us? Well, not very far. We made the possible, but starting travelling so late, after an already long day couldn’t possibly let us reach where we planned in Lithuania. We had to be realistic, and we drove in Estonia, up to Parnu, a very popular destination for Estonian people during the summer. imgThe city was very pleasant and quiet, with a lot of green areas. Despite having been eaten alive by mosquitoes, we managed to take some shots, and have dinner in a Pub, Joanna’s pub, to be precise, where we had some grilled meat for quite a cheap price. After this, we just looked for a hotel in the area, and despite we tried to get the dirtiest and cheapest place in the worst area of Parnu, we got disappointed because the Guesthouse we chose is essential but clean and with spacious rooms. Let’s just hope that the car will be where we left it today, and now it’s time for the both of us to call it a day and rest. Tomorrow a long day is waiting for us, about which we will hopefully make a happier post than today’s one 🙂 See you tomorrow!