Day 10 – Roma Caput Mundi (Rome capital of the world)

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 21, 2017

Our second day in Rome started with the noise of drill and mental swearings to the guy from neighboring apartment who was causing it. The day before had been a very hard day and we needed to rest, so we didn’t hurry in the morning and very lazily we got up and had breakfast with ‘mom’s Crostata’ and some coffee. We had a long lazy morning until 12, when we finally left home to go toward the city center. Since lunch time was very close and no roman would suggest to eat in the city center, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and we went first toward one of the Dani’s favorite ice cream shop, Lubrano, quite deep in the Roman suburb. img

We had a very good ice cream (Ira: coconut and Variegato Nutella, Dani: Vanilla, variegato Nutella and Variegato with cereals, both with whipped cream and chocolate on top) and then we went toward the underground station. We got down to Flaminio, the underground station near to Piazza Del Popolo and went directly to the Pincio balcony, from which it is possible to admire Piazza del Popolo and Via del Corso from the top. We had a long walk ahead of us, and we decided to move fast, so we went back down to Piazza del Popolo and started walking on via del Corso. Here we turned to explore Piazza di Spagna and Trinita’ dei monti with the Bernini fountain ‘La Barcaccia‘. From this wonderful steps there is also a very nice view, although those many steps were quite hard to do in such an hot weather and in fact a middle-aged woman felt sick and fainted just few minutes before our arrival.img We walked back to via del Corso and started looking through the alleys for the church of St.Ignazio from Loyola, a not very famous church that has the characteristic to have a fake dome painted on the ceiling, that is supposed to give the impression of an actual dome, and also the church was a very nice place to chill and take a break from the hot outside. There were plenty of people in the church, some were guided tour, some were there to admire the dome as us and some probably converted to Catholicism just thanks to the 30 degrees outside. Once we had enough of fresh air, we got out of this church to enter in a more famous one, the Pantheon. This originally was not a church and has been converted to it. Together with the marvelous roman architecture, the Pantheon hosts some graves among which the most surprising is the Raffaello one. The Pantheon has free entrance so there was a river of people going in and out and all we had to do was joining the flow. From here, we headed toward a very popular square, Piazza Navona, that hosts the ‘Fountain of the Four rivers’ from Bernini imgand a church from Borromini. One of the characters of the fountain is in a disgusted pose and is directed to the church, to show the disappointment of Bernini toward his ‘competitor’. The square also has two more fountains of slightly less noticeable authors. At this point dinner time was starting to get close and we had a meeting with Dani’s brother near Piazza Venezia, from where we first went to a bookshop to buy a book to learn Russian for Italian people (Yaiii) and then we crossed Largo Argentina to go to Trastevere, another characteristic Rome location, where we simply got lost in the alleys and also booked a table for dinner in a restaurant called Roma Sparita, very famous for a very good pasta ‘cacio e pepe’ served in a basket of cheese. When we arrived the place was still closed (as restaurants often are in Italy before 19.30), so we had a short walk around and reached the shore of the Tevere, where we just sit and chatted for a while. Once we got back to the restaurant we had few typical starters, a suppli’ and a fried zucchini flower and then a dish of Cacio e pepe and 2 of Bucatini all’Amatriciana, both very typical roman dishes. Theimg kitchen of this restaurant is very nice and in fact we have been lucky to find a seat for the same night, since usually is fully booked. After the dinner, we avoided a small scan on the bill, since they were willing to let us pay 24 Euros for a bottle of water (not even a Lourde one) and we left the place. We divided with Dani’s brother and we headed to the same location of the previous night, this time with camera. We walked along the Circo Massimo and reached the Quirinale and then went down through roman forum and went back to the Colosseum for a last photo and to take the underground back. I suppose is not very interesting the diary about the trip from Pietralata station to the apartment, so I will just say that we reached home in a rush because we had a meeting with two other friends, our girls Ale and Ludo, to get a beer, despite everyone was already very tired. In a rush we took a shower and then met Ale and Ludo downstairs and we went to a local pub called Inofficina, that is hosted in a mechanic shop and has a nice choice of non commercial beers. Me and Ira got a red beer, not sure what actually was, that was not the best but nothing bad, and that accompanied us till 1am, when the pace was closing and we had to leave and to say goodnight to our friends.

Today’s chapter ‘The last day in Rome’ will be published tomorrow and we wish you a wonderful evening!