Day 13 – An underwater experience before heading to France

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 24, 2017

We woke up in our not-really quiet apartment in La Spezia quite early because of many noises downstairs combined with hot and mosquitoes, but we managed to stretch our sleeping anyway until 9, when Fede and Ila were close to leave to reach Bologna. We had a very small breakfast and packed to go. On the way out we met Luca, our very good host on AirBnB who let us drop our backpacks while we went taking the car in the parking lot, where surprisingly was sitting waiting for us without new scratches. We took the car, recovered our backpacks and starteimgd to drive outside La Spezia. The final destination of the day was Antibes, in France, where two Ira’s friends were waiting for us, but we had few hours to kill before that, so we decided to find a place on the way to visit. The choice had been pretty fast, and we decided to visit the Genoa Aquarium, probably the biggest in Italy and at least a very famous one. It took us less than 2h to get there and park our car, and we went taking our tickets. The price for an adult is 25 euro for just the aquarium, there are also other possibilities but we didn’t want to overdo, so we just payed our 50 euro and entered. The place is quite big and with many varieties of fishes or sea creatures. We watched and admired many of them, starting from lobsters and small fishes until dolphins and sharks, passinimgg through turtles and pythons. The Aquarium is very well taken care of and despite being pricey we cannot say it was not worth. I guess that for both of us the best show has been offered by jellyfishes in all shape and sizes that were really marvelous to watch, although our heart was with the small penguins jumping swimming and resting in the ‘ice land’ sector. We took some very cool pictures which will be uploaded to our Gallery once we are back home. So keep updated! Overall it was a very pleasure way to spend 3 hours (!) and in the meanwhile we had also lunch in a ‘fast food’ that was not that fast, not that cheap but also not that bad. Once we left our cute ‘Nemo’ fishes and our friends penguins, we pointed to France, and started driving there. There were a coupimgle of accidents on the way, and it took us a bit more than usual to cross the border, but around 21.30 we managed to meet with Vitaliy – one of the two friends – who drove us to supermarket and to get our mattress for the night. We then went home and started preparing Gnocchi while waiting for Karina – his wife and also the second friend – to come back home. We had a pretty nice dinner featuring also a sweet bottle of Moscato, before finally slam ourselves on the bed and sleep.

Today we will most likely visit Cannes with them and then who knows what else. Actually we know what else, but if you also want to know it, keep following us tomorrow 🙂

Good Bye!