Day 14 – A day in la fleur de France

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 25, 2017

Yesterday was a quite French day. We woke up quite late on our mattress and finally had our long sleep after almost 2 weeks. While our friends were busy in the morning we had a slow breakfast and we got ready for the day. The plan was to meet in Cannes at imgalmost lunch time. Around 12.30 we took the car from our parking (17.70 Eur!) and headed to the palais where the famous film festival is held. This is the core of the city and also the biggest attraction except luxury shops all around and the shore which was, apparently as usual, unaccessible because of some ferry going on. imgWe met with our friends and decided to firstly watch an old town of Cannes. We went up to the hill where there was a picturesque view of most of the city. After this short tour of the city we decided our next move would be to go for a tour on the boat that unleashed the underwater world from the boat which had the windows on the bottom level. Since the last tour was at 16.30 and we had short time to reach Antibes, find parking, and take our tickets we decided to skip our lunch and go directly there. We managed to jump on the boat juimgst few minutes before the schedule departure. The tour was very nice, the shore of Antibes has a lot to offer, such as small lighthouse, big villas, caves, the view of the city and Roman Abramovich ship. A bit further from the coast the beauty of the sea can be admired while fishes and other imgsea creatures of all sizes and shapes swim around the boat. The tour of14 Eur price lasted one hour and included some live description of the guide. After the tour was finished and we reached the center of Antibes it was already 18.00 and we decided to kill an hour left before most of the restaurants would open. We took our car, moved it to the parking for the night and we started slowly going in the direction of very peculiar restaurant called ‘La Taille de Guepe’. img

This restaurant is focused on the dishes containing flowers, both the more common but especially some very exotic. We have been lucky to be seated at this place and we decided to go for the starter and the main course of the price 26 Eur. As a starter we ordered zucchini flowers filled with goat cheese and vegetables and grilled prawns with mashed avocado. Both


dishes included also petals of different flowers such as roses, violets and begonia to add specific flavors to


dishes. As a main course we all ordered roasted duck with hibiscus vinegar and some mashed pumpkins, also mixed with different flowers petals. After having paid the bill of 104 Eur per 4 we decided to rimgise our blood pressure with some ice cream in one of the most famous ice cream shops in Antibes, called ‘Gellateria del Porto’. While enjoying our ice cream we had a walk through narrow cute alleys full of beautiful plants and sculptures from Davide Voltura. We had our quite long walk on the shore before heading back home. imgBefore going to rest for our next long day we opened the bottle of red Italian wine we brought mainly for Karina and played couple of rounds of the table game called Splendor that we both miserably lost. That’s how our day and the journey in France finished and we went sleeping preparing for our next destination, Switzerland.

We wish you all a nice day and a safe trip for us and hopefully meet you again soon 🙂