Day 15 – From France to Switzerland: our arrival into the Bank of the world

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 26, 2017

Yesterday it has been a long drive day. We woke up early and decided to go to Lucerne, Switzerland. After saying goodbye to our friends we went toward our parking, where we again left 17,70 Eur. Ahead of us we had a long drive of more than 6 hours to Lucerne. To cross Switzerland we had again to cross Italy and then cross the border near Como. We went back on our steps passing through Nice and Genoa, then north up to Milan and then we finally crossed the border of Switzerland. imgThe control at the border was basically non existent, all we had to do was driving slowly, while being worried with our passports in hands. Few kilometers before the border we have bought the vignette to drive on Switzerland highways for almost 40 Eur valid one year. As soon as we entered in Switzerland we started admiring the beautiful view passing through the Alps whenever we could, since the highway was full of tunnels, the longest of which was almost 17 kilometers long. The more we approached Lucerne the more we could admire the mount Pilatus, nearby lakes and small cute houses lost on the hills.

While we were on the way we started to look for a cheap place to stay for the night, although we were conscious that the word ‘cheap’ doesn’t apply to Switzerland. imgOur first choice was near the lake Luzern, but unfortunately it was full. The guy at the reception has been very kind and together with letting us use the Internet (since in Switzerland Internet roaming doesn’t work) directed us to some nearby relatively cheap places. We booked a room online on the spot and we pointed the navigator toward the address that was supposed to be our hotel. imgTurns out that there are two hotels with the same name, one in Lucerne and the other in the nearby city of Kriens. Unfortunately this information has been given to us from the receptionist of the hotel in Lucerne, after we handed him our passports and the reservation number being sure to have the reservation. A bit humiliated we took the map that the guy at the reception printed for us to reach out actual hotel and we finally arrived there few minutes later.

After such a long trip we were quite exhausted so we took a shower, rested few minutes and meanwhile looked for a place to have dinner without being robbed too much. imgTripAdvisor brought us to an Italian restaurant called ‘Da Marcello’. It was just few minutes of drive from our hotel and despite being a bit hidden in Kriens we found the door of this cozy place, settled in an ex-factory of pasta. Both Marcello and what we think was his wife spoke Italian, so the communication was easy and therefore we were pretty optimist about pizzas we ordered. imgOur hopes were met and the pizzas were good. After our dinner Daniele spotted Marcello’s accent and asked directly were he was from. That is how we found out that both, Daniele and the Chef were Roman. Marcello told his story how he settled in Switzerland and also explained how and with what ingredients he makes the pizzas. After a half an hour of talking we asked for the bill which was around 20 Franks each, which was a relatively cheap price for Switzerland, where one burger can cost 30 Franks. We also asked some tips for staying in the budget and when leaving he gave us a bottle of Italian orange juice for our breakfast.

After this very warm experience we decided whether to go to Lucerne city center or going to rest to wake up early. We chose the second option and headed back to the hotel resting. As promised we left a good review to Marcello on TripAdvisor before going to bed. This is how our first but not last adventure in Switzerland ended.

More about Switzerland and not only on the next Chapter!