Day 16 – From Switzerland to Germany, but don’t forget Liechtenstein!

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 27, 2017

As planned, we woke up quite early in the morning in our (right) Ibis hotel in Kriens, maybe not as early as planned, but still quite early for our standards. We didn’t take the 16 CHF breakfast per person in hotel, since 30 euro for a breakfast were slightly too many, and instead we followed the tip of Marcello, from the pizzeria of the day before, and so with our gifted bottle of juice we checked out of the hotel, took the car and started looking for a Migros. This is a supermarket that at the top floor offered a sort of bar, where they served fresh food. We actually didn’t make breakfast right away there, and instead we bought a couple of croissants and some bread with chocolate and went back in the car. imgFirstly we did because we parked the car where it was forbidden, and secondly because we spotted the day before a very nice park just on the shore of the lake, so why not make a breakfast picnic? We reached the park more easily than expected for us, and we paid only couple of Franks for parking (parking car is relatively cheap in Lucerne, 1h 1CHF) and took our picnic blanket, finally.

The lake was somehow crowded as many people of all types and ages were there who reading, who resting, who swimming and some asians doing something unspecified with a net. We sat under the shadow of a tree and had our breakfast while enjoying the marvelous view of the mountains merging with the lake. imgUnfortunately we were short with time, but we wished we could spend more time there, is very relaxing and worth going, and if you will happen to pass in Lucerne, it might be a very good way to relax for half a day.

With the short time left, we decided to simply walk toward the city center and the old town. From the place we were it was a 15 minutes walking if not less, and we found very soon a place to buy our flag, and also the very tidy and old fashioned buildings of the heart of the imgcity. Just the time of a short walk and an ice cream and we headed back to the car, with direction Germany.

The road to Munich, our German destination was pretty easy to find, but the best feature of it is that it passed close enough to another country, a very small and even less known country, to be precise: Liechtenstein. imgThis is a piece of land of 160 square km, settled between Switzerland and Austria and we decided to drive in it and pass into the capital, Vaduz, a small town of less than 6000 people. Liechtenstein is a pretty rich and expensive country, and everything looks well kept, as in Switzerland, with marvelous houses basically in every city we passed. In few minutes we managed to reach Vaduz city center and we parked the car (mon-fri 8-17 with first hour free) and walked into it. imgThere is no much to see as one could expect, but the few there is, is sold well. The buildings are very well maintained and the center is full of alleys, small parks, benches and random pieces of art. The most curious is a door with a jet of water shot from one side to the other, passing on top of this door. We aimed mainly to our flag, so we went to a souvenir shop as first thing and here, I have no idea why, when we went paying our 1 euro for the flag, the lady at the counter simply gave it us for free. I am not sure it was patriotic, friendly or humiliating, but was still good. With our flag in our pockets, we walked a bit more and ‘visited’ thimge museum of post stamps, since apparently post service and stamps is one of the biggest characteristic of Liechtenstein. Here we had a look around and we got our fake passport stamps 🙂

We were still short of time, so we called our minivisit of a minicountry over, and we hopped back on our car. While we were almost in Austria, Ira had the brilliant idea to check when we bought our 10 days vignette for Austrian highways (more about this here). Turns out Austria played a last trick on us. We bought it on 16th of June, and yesterday, been 26th of June, was the 11th day. To avoid any risk, we BOUGHT AGAIN this damn 8.90 10 DAYS vignette, and we again used it for less than 2h, actually this time we have used barely 1h. Anyway, we couldn’t tolerate another 120 Euro fine without killing the guard, so we decided to go for the safe road.

From Austria we crossed very soon to Germany and with the German roads we reached very fast our house rented from AirBnB, in a small town, very small, 30 minutes away from Munich. Here our landlord for a day welcomed us and let us our apartment, a huge 3 rooms flat paid 50 Euro. We were quite tired after such a long day, so we decided to simply find a place to eat and then come back home. imgThe choice was not that hard since there was 1 place open around, a restaurant/hotel quite fancy, where we took a Viennese Schnitzel with potato salad and a chorizo Burger. The portion were big and also cheaper than expected, and together with 2 red beers we ended up paying less than for the pizza at Marcello’s the night before 🙂

After our dinner we drove back for something like 5 minutes, crossing all the city probably, and settled home where we prepared to sleep and for our next day with Munich and Prague as targets.

We hope you enjoyed our small adventure in central Europe and we wish you will also go to such a nice country as Liechtenstein, but for now, we wish you a pleasant day!