Day 17 – Breakfast in Munich, dinner in Prague with tears for dessert

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 28, 2017

We woke up in the small town Wohnung with the last drops of rain, packed and started driving in the direction of the one and only bar in the city hoping for some good breakfast. Unfortunately our prayers were not answered as the bar probably was opening in half an hour. We decided not to wait and agreed to eat somewhere on the road. It took us 50 minutes to reach Munich city center, even further than we were supposed to go, since this time we were lacking another vignette. In many cities in Germany, including Munich, the city center is forbidden to cars not displaying a vignette that proves that your vehicle produces reduced emissions (basically Euro4). To get this sticker you have to go to a service station, show your car documents and pay around 10 Eur for the vignette. imgWe were passing through Munich for something like 2 hours and it would have taken more time to get checked rather than visit the city, so we simply decided to make it dirty and hide our car on the underground parking, crossing our all fingers not to be found by the Greenpeace rangers. imgJust upstairs the parking lot there was some hipster biomarket where we had our decent breakfast.

From here we walked 20 minutes and we reached that is supposed to be the city center of Munich. We walked around a bit and honestly we didn’t find much interesting sightseeings, except well-known Marienplatz, Nymphenburg palace, St. Peter’s church, BMW museum and couple of other churches.img

Our tour lasted a bit more than an hour, after which we went back to the car trying to evade from the green ecological zone without being caught. Unbelievably we managed to get out without at the moment, knock on wood, any fine in a sort of the Munich redemption.

Prague was 4 hours distance from us. There we already had our delicious AirBnb apartment booked with our host Lucie waiting for us (and being very patient, because we changed arrival time like 4 times). The roads in Germany are very good and despite some traffic jams we reached the border of Czech Republic in few hours. Here we already knew that for Czech highway a vignette was needed and since after during these 2 weeks we became experts of highway tolls, we started looking for any gas station in 50 km before the border. Unfortunately there were no any but as soon as we crossed the border a lot of different shops started popping up all in the same service station. We stopped immediately as we were sure that a highway sniper shooting fines was already aiming at us. The first small cabinet didn’t accept cards and we didn’t have enough cash (the vignette costed 310 CZK for 10 days or 16 Eur with a very inconvenient exchange rate),so we tried the main gas station. Here cards were except but apparently not for buying vignette, which can only be purchased by cash. The ATM of the station was out of service, so the guy at the desk suggested us to go to the next station which was 5 km further and he claimed it was fine to drive these 5 km without the vignette. Having a bad experience we were skeptical at the very least, but we had no alternatives, so we made our prayers, gathered all out 7.50 Eur cash we had in case of fine and we started driving toward the next gas station. Apparently everything went fine and we managed to buy our 5th vignette!

The rest of the driving till our apartment in Prague went relatively smoothly despite the hunger for our skipped lunch. We met Lucie who was a very special host for us, we settled in and immediately went to the city center with a tram. imgIn less than 20 minutes we were sat in ‘U Seminaristy’, where we ordered a roasted duck with the cherry sauce and a portion of the goulash plus sweet pancakes with hot blueberry, whipped cream and ice cream.img The meal turned out very good despite the restaurant was pretty touristy with abundant portions and very affordable prices.

After being more than full we decided to have a walk toward the Charles bridge and admired one of the main points of interest in Prague. The city at night has its specific taste. The enlighten Prague Castle on the hill together with the reflections on the river Vltava charmed us and it took us few seconds to regret our choice to leave cameras at the apartment. That is what we meant imgas tears for dessert. img

We started our walk with the last light in the sky and we finished it around 11 when it was already dark. The transport system looks very efficient and after 5 minutes waiting we took the tram back that brought us home in less than half an hour. After a long day we went sleeping at Lucie’s cozy place, which we warmly recommend to everybody who plans to stay in Prague!

Check out what happened next in Prague and what is our next destination in the upcoming Chapter!