Day 18 – And how the weather can change your plans

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 29, 2017

It’s 8.37 when the second alarm rings, and after having shaken 20 times the damn phone, we woke up and packed our stuff. Just downstairs our apartment there was a place called Cafe Jen that had very nice reviews from the previous guests of our apartment, so we decided to follow their steps, literally, and have breakfast there. imgOur great host Lucie let us leave around 13 rather than in the early morning as usual, so we had a bit of time to go to the city center and then come back to leave Prague. We went to the cafe’ and ordered two cappuccini and two pieces of cheesecake. The cappuccini were very nice and so was the cheesecake, despite we doubt there will be any real competitor for the ones taken in the Stur Cafe’ (We talk about them here).

After our breakfast , paid 210 CZK, something like 8 Euro, we took the same tram of the previous day and we went down one stop further, very close to the main square. First we went back on the road that follows the river to admire imgCharles Bridge and the Prague castle, but we couldn’t pretend that the view was half as beautiful as it was at night.img The bridge especially is still fascinating with its sculptures and the street musician playing with classical instruments all along it, but the appeal that it had at night with soft lights was not comparable.

We decided to change a bit the route we did the night before, so we went to the square with the astronomical watch, that was really crowded, and we got lots in the small alleys of the area. imgWe were, as usual, quite short with time, so we made a circle, watching what happened in front of us, until around 12, when we started walking again toward the tram stop, very sad to have to say goodbye to Prague. img

At 13 sharp we left the apartment and we went buying a pack of red bull for the long drive and started driving in the direction of Vilnius. The idea was to stop somewhere in Poland that was on the way, and one of the possible choices we had, was the city of Augustow, in the North East, famous for its SPA and resorts. This as said was the initial idea, after driving for around 6 hours, we decided that would make sense to stretch the drive until Vilnius directly, driving 3h more, to spend there a full day.

Are we then writing from Vilnius? No we are not. We are writing from some hotel lost somewhere 30km from Warsaw. Why? Well, probably if you check the weather situation in Poland you will understand. More or less from Wroclaw, our route followed carefully the storm that is hitting Poland. We passed a very heavy hail, that luckily didn’t break our windshield, for which all those who could stopped under bridges soon after we crossed the border from Czech Republic, but this was definitely not the worst part. imgWe could see from the sky that our direction was directly into the very dark clouds in the sky. When we were around 300km from Warsaw, the rain started, with plenty of lightings in the sky. At the beginning was just a rain, but the more we drove the more it reached the point where we had 50m of visibility, and sometimes these dropped to 15, making it very difficult and very dangerous to keep driving. We started looking for hotels that were close to us, independently from the location. The first we called was apparently full, so we kept driving. We found one luckily, from where we are writing, that also had a restaurant open until 22 (we arrived at 21.45) so we managed to have a light dinner before settling in our room. The hotel is nice, is 20 minutes or so from Warsaw and 5h30 from Vilnius. This means that part of tomorrow will be sacrificed to drive as well, but is worth our safety.

Today was a very long day and we mostly spent it driving, also in a stressful way, but if there is a positive note is the countryside of Czech Republic. For something like 75km before crossing the Polish border we had to drive in local roads since no highway was available, and as always, the local road offer a very pleasuring scenery to drive in. The small cities, the fields and the woods accompanied us for a pleasuring part of our today’s trip and made the best part of our road.

It’s from this nameless city of Poland that we say goodbye and we will meet you tomorrow from Vilnius, if the weather allows us 🙂 Goodnight!