Day 2 – Crossing the Baltics

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 13, 2017

The plan for today was optimistic, very optimistic, but we succeeded. We had few things that we simply HAD to do. First, a picture with the statue of Baron Munchausen. This was something that was planned since our trip in Riga more than 6 months ago. We encountered this statue on the side of the road, but we were too fast and we couldn’t stop. On the way back we came back from a different way, and we could do nothing with this old friend from childhood stories. Second, we had as a target (the only actual target) the ‘Hill of Crosses’, in the North of Lithuania, a very suggestive and weird place at the same time. For the rest of the day, we only wanted to get as close as possible to Biebrzański Park, in Poland, the destination for tomorrow.

The day started in Parnu with imga heavy rain the accompained us through all Latvia, border to border. The rain was quite inconvenient for driving, but was not so strong to demoralize the Ukrainian spirit and the will to hug Mr. Munchausen. The rain continued from Estonia even after crossing the Lithuanian border, something like 3 or 4 hours later. Our bellies, quite empty for having skipped the hotel breakfast, started complaining and we started looking for a place to eat. img Completely by chance, we saw one building, that is actually a farm, with something similar to a restaurant banner, and we decided to stop. The place looked very nice and was furnished in what looked a traditional way, and was very cozy. Here we had some chicken-based dishes and a delicious apple-pie that unfortunately couldn’t make it in img time for the picture. My apologies. The food was very nice, came quite fast and the environment was very relaxing, with the main building of the restaurant surrounded by a super well kept garden with many different kind of flowers, plants and most likely animals on the back. The place is actually well reviewed on Tripadvisor, despite the small number of reviews, to which we can definitely add ours. After the lunch, that gave us energy and magically also healed the weather, letting a very shy sun enlighten our route, we started tracking and going toward the Hill of Crosses. Finding it was easier than expected and from one side also more disappointing. Although the place is overall suggestive and let us have a very nice photographic session, it is more touristy than expected, unless we have been specifically unlucky to meet a couple of buses full of short Asian ladies. Around the site there is also a souvenir shop and an allegedly paid parking, that we did not pay. The best results of the session will be probably added to the gallery later on, but for the moment, we can just put a picture of us to witness our presence there and also how much travelling is tiring (just look at us, seriously). So, after doing all we planned, where did we end up? Well, it is surprising, but we reached the Polish park that we want to visit tomorrow. We drove more than 12 hours today, for more than 700km, but with such a comfortable car, andimg very nice roads everywhere (included Poland, that had a terrible reputation), it was way better than expected. The place we found to sleep is just a countryside house transformed in a sort-of-hotel, and it is 7 minutes from the entrance of the park, for the price of 100LOT, something like 25 euro, hopefully. Because of all of this, from the wooden attic where we are going to rest, we say goodbye for today, in preparation of tomorrow, another long day with a lot of pictures and if we are lucky a lot of animals 🙂

Have a good night everyone (included our new reader 🙂 ) and we hope to meet you tomorrow with the new chapter of our small adventure!