Day 3 – From Poland to Slovakia

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 14, 2017

Today we will keep it short. It’s 2.54 at the moment and we will have the chance to have our (first) breakfast until 10 in the morning, so we need some rest. img We started where we left you, in the kinda-hotel near the entrance of the Park Biebrzansky, in Poland. We woke up with the rain hitting our small window on the roof (we were in the attic!) and we understood immediately that the weather was not the best. For the whole day 5 minutes of sun alternated with 10 minutes of -sometimes heavy- rain. Turns out also that the park is very big, and there img are multiple areas and possible tours to make. We pick one, starting from a city Osowiec. From here 2 possible paths were available, for the incredible price of 3 Zlote per ticket (75 cents). We ended up doing basically both of them by feet, and the result was not the best. This tour looks like more oriented to plants, and the wooden path is surrounded by a strong vegetation that doesn’t allow to see much else. We had some good picture to some insects and flowers, especially with the abundance of the firsts, but not much else. Because of the unsatisfaction from the first path, we decided to attempt the second one (2200m first, 2000m second); the result unfortunately didn’t change much. img The best part of the visit to the park was the restaurant, called Dwor Dobarz, we found. It looked quite authentic and high-end, in the middle of the park (on a road) and we ate delicious goulash with a very delicious cake. We don’t know exactly what was there, since the menu and the personnel only dealt with polish, but we are very satisfacted of the choice. img What after the park? Well apart from some picture of cool birds on the road, spotting some deers and foxes, we basically crossed all Poland, reason why it’s 3 a.m. We ate something like 800km and we stretched up till 5km to Slovensky Raj, the Slovakian paradise, tomorrow’s destination, with a lot of expectations.

After 11h straight of driving, I don’t feel like writing much more. We are very excited about tomorrow and hopefully we will manage to share some cool pictures live of the Slovakian beauty.

Next update tomorrow, see you soon! 🙂