Day 4 – From Slovakian Paradise to Slovakian Hell

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 15, 2017

We left yesterday at late night from a nice hotel room and we are writing now from a decent hostel near the center(?) of Bratislava, the Slovakian capital. Our day started with a late breakfast in hotel (Finally!) not very satisfactory (ofc.). We knew already what we wanted to see, but we didn’t know where to go to see it, because of this, we went randomly, not a really wise choice. We had a 10km (back and forth) walk on a meadow before knowing where to go. img By the time we reached the entrance of ‘Sucha Bela‘ (my fellow Italian friends will know that this looks promising) it was lunchtime and we looked on Tripadvisor which was the best restaurant around. Apparently Rumanka was the best reviewed and we decided to follow the advise. After lunch we cannot say that we regret it, we had a delicious ‘something’ of meat img called Zivanska, and a palacinky plus some weird dessert flavored with nuts and poppy. With our bellies full and our water bottles refilled, we started the actual trail. The whole trail is 2h long, and follows the path of a river and its waterfalls, with wooden ladders and bridges and mostly logs and stones to walk on the river. We were without boots, that we left in Tallinn, and the track has been a bit more difficult than it was supposed to be. Keeping us company during our walk there were mice, roes and uncommon birds. The track itself is not that harsh, except for those scared from height (coff, coff), since sometimes the path consists of just wooden steps that connect two logs and with the river several meters under them. The environment looks authentic and walking there you can see an unspoiled natural beauty. Despite this, the Slovensky Raj is a huge park and there are multiple trails, ice caves and other attractions to visit, it’s just a mater to choose what suits more your taste and spend time there, whether this is a ride on horses, a visit to some cave, resting in some cottage on the mountain or hiking. img Once we have been back from the track, we jumped in the car and we decided to go to Bratislava directly rather than to Budapest, mostly because the road to Bratislava passes through the park itself. From Slovenski Raj to the Capital it takes something less than 4h of car, and by the time we reached the city we targeted a hostel, suggested by a local friend (Hi Terezia, you are famous now!). After some trouble finding the building, we spend something like half an hour waiting for the receptionist to enter our data in the computer and giving us the room. Incredibly he was not 80+ and apparently not even on drugs. He asked us every document we had, and after turning him our bus card from Tallinn and our discount Rimi card, we run out of proofs that we exist, and he got satisfied enough to let us take our private room, called Jerusalem. It’s from the Holy Land that we are writing this and preparing a bit tomorrow’s tour, even tho we received quite detailed information from our local spy.

We are eager to meet you tomorrow for the first of a quite long series of episodes about European cities, and we wish you goodnight or a good morning 🙂