Day 7 – “Venice is nice, but I wouldn’t live there”

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 18, 2017

The day started in our really modest room in Ljubljana, mostly started with the noises of groups of drunk people going back to their room (keeping the doors open, just to let us know what they were up to) and a shower in the shared toilet hoping nobody will rush to the shower and puke on us. We got ready quite fast and with basically no expectations we headed to the ‘self service breakfast’ that we thought was another name for ‘here is a sink, here is a cup, bon apetit’ but instead turned up as our best breakfast so far, with a buffet and a relatively wide choice of drinks and foods and for probably the first time, we left the breakfast table without any hunger. This was the last surprise that Ljubljana had for us, as we jumped in the car and we started driving toward the Italian border. We don’t have a hotel in Venice and instead we decided to book an apartment on AirBnB in a small city 30minutes of train far from Venice city center. This apartment is our first destination in Italy, and it’s very close to Noave, a city famous for nothing probably. Once we reached the house to get our apartment, we discovered that the apartment was simply huge. There are something like 6 beds and an enormous separate kitchen with living room, all of this for a price that was half what we should have paid for a Venice phone booth for 1 night. We reached the house at like 12.30 and by the time we settled in and took a shower, it was lunchtime. The problem with late lunchtime in Italy is that nobody eats at like 15 or 16 up to 19, and so we found all the restaurants closed. We had to discard the place suggested by the owner of the house we are staying, that hopefully we will try tomorrow and instead we had to rely on a bar. They had a relatively wide menu and we took a portion of Ravioli filled with speck and brie cooked in butter and sage and one of green tagliolini speck and cream. The food was nice, not as nice as made expressly from a restaurant but still good and the personnel was very kind, with the main manager who asked if everything was ok multiple times and also spoke English to talk directly to Ira (not very common around here). After the pasta, we let ourselves seduce by the ice cream exposed and we decided to grab two of them, one small for the lady and one big for the mister with all the formalities like whipped cream and chocolate on top. The ice cream was ok but nothing special, and we finished it fast since we were late for our train.


Luckily the station is just few minutes from everywhere in such a city, and we reached it quite fast and managed to take our train, which was new and well taken care of, contrasting a lot with all my memory and knowledge of regional trains near Rome. As promised, 30 minutes after we left at Venezia S.Lucia station, quite in the hearth of the city and we started our random walk. We didn’t aim to visit anything specifically and so for most of the time we actually just walked around. During our wondering we still crossed many of the main attractions of the city: San Marco simgquare, Doge’s palace (palazzo Ducale), The bridge of sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri), Canal Grande and so on. The best experience we had anyway has been in remote alleys and bridges, where, far from the pressure of tourists, we could take pictures in peace.


The walk took a lot of time and we started going back to the station. Our luck here stroke again and we had the chance to see a very Italian show, with 6 people a bit drunk and quite noisy kicked by the train from the ticket checker who also called police (also army came O.O). This made leave the train with some delay, but nothing that was not worth the show. To call it a day, we just needed some dinner, and we decided, after few tries to overcrowded restaurants to eat a pizza. We found a place who was looking very nice and we ordered a portion of fried mozzarella balls, a imgmargherita and a margherita + S.Daniele ham on top. The pizza was nice and with a very thin border as I like. This is probably the reason why I ate one pizza and half. To close the dinner as a real Italian I ordered a lemon sorbetto that was liked by the both of us.

Finished the dinner we went straight home and we will get ready for tomorrow and discover how and what to visit in Venice and around.

We hope to see you tomorrow with some very interesting report and we wish you a goodnight.