Day 8 – From the heart of Venice to the neighboring islands

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 19, 2017

We woke up with more calm today, being the first day where we would have stayed in the same place as the previous day. Since we rented an AirBnB the breakfast was not included, so after a shower we hoped in the car and we went to a bar in the center of Noale to have a classical Italian breakfast: Cappuccino and a Pastry. img The quality was nice, not the best you can get but something still tasty, especially if you are not used to these things (anymore). After the breakfast we rushed to the train station and for the second time in a row we had something like 3 minutes to make tickets and take the train. Luckily both times they have been enough. We arrived in Venice around 12.30 and we decided to head to San Marco square as first thing, with the aim to take some shots from the top of the tower. That was the purpose, but we actually followed our instinct rather than Google Maps and we reached the exact opposite side of Venice, called Cannaregio. We have been relatively happy of our inability to orientate since this area was almost empty of tourists and is full of canals and bridges very characteristic (and very good for pictures). While we wondered through all the alleys and bridges, we decided to have a fast bite and so we took some ‘Cicchetti’ from Vino Vero with two glasses of wine. img These are a typical Venetian (and its region I assume) food, that consits of small slices of bread, like baguette slices, with on top local products such as Speck, mozzarella, dried tomatoes, grilled vegetables and so on. We took 1 with seafood, some with vegetables and 1 with meat, just to try the whole spectrum. We took a red and a white wine, both local wines, as suggested by the waitress. After our ‘snack’ we also decided to give it a try to an ice cream shop that sits just near the place where we ate, called ‘Bacaro del Gelato‘. The ice cream was very nice and quite cheap, somehow surprisingly given the ‘touristisness’ of Venice, that makes it very hard to find a genuine place where to eat. img Anyway, we decided to start walking in the right direction, this time with some help from Google, and we reached the tower in around 20 minutes. On the way to the tower, while we were keeping an eye on some possible souvenir, we met a shop, called ‘Le Schegge’. This is a really authentic artisan laboratory where the owner and what I assumed was his daughter make handmade masks. This old venetian guy was very proud of his work and explained that some masks might require even 50 hours of work. Once you have seen these masks, every other industrial one that you can find in souvenir shop will look so poor that you won’t even thing to buy one. They also ship their works and you can order talking with them over email (they are very old school) and if you ever want some unique memory of Venice I warmly recommend to check this shop. img Once we reached the tower we joined the not so long queue to buy a ticket for the tower (8 euro full, 4 for under18). Since the queue was very slow and the time very precious we decided to skip this and instead make something very, very, extremely touristy and that I would have not ever thought to do one day: a tour on a Gondola. The Gondole are traditional boats managed by one single person with one paddle standing on the back of it. As the boat passes through the tight canals and under the low bridges, the driver needs to lean or uses everything he finds to push the boat. The reason why I would have never thought to do it is because they are expensive. Very expensive. Apparently there are 3 possible tours that can be done, the short one, the one that we did, of about 30 minutes, costs 80 euro. The medium one, ~45 minutes costs 120 and the big one of about 1h 150. As we jumped on the Gondola that we had been assigned, the guy actually proposed to make us the medium one for 100 euro but since I found it fishy (especially when he said that if I didn’t have the money he could stop at ATM) I refused and let him do just the official one for the official price. This tour is definitely touristy, but it has its own fashion and pleasure. Looking at the canals and at the bridges from a different perspective is still an experience that once in a lifetime is worth doing. For those who can afford more, is possible to also have some private musician and opera singer on the boat accompanying the tour with Italian classical song. Of course even this is very touristy but there is not one single person that doesn’t stop and watch as these boats with their singer pass near them. img Once our time was out and our ride in the Gondola ended, we decided to go visiting Murano, an island very famous for its blown glass works. We reached it in around half an hour with the public transport (boats, of course) and we started looking with desire to all the beautiful shops that sell every kind of object made in glass. Some pieces and some shops are more oriented to tourists, some are real art galleries and the objects there can cost thousands of euro. img The island is completely focused on glass and there is no much else to see, despite being also beautiful with its canals and bridges, so we decided to make a last stop to Burano before going back to the train. Burano is an even smaller island of less than 3000 people and the reason why its famous is because of its houses.

All over the island there are two stories houses where every single one of them is painted in a very brilliant color and the result cannot be described with words. We wondered around this island and we met some of the few locals (most of whom quite old) hanging out outside their small and cute houses like the world outside the island didn’t exist. The walk was very pleasuring and it was a very nice way to end our exploration for the day, so we took our ‘bus’ back to Venice and we img reached the station, where we managed to take the last train to Noale. Today we managed to arrive home quite early in preparation of tomorrow’s trip: from Venice to R(h)ome.

There would be a hundred pictures to put in this post, but we will keep the best of them for our gallery in the future, and at the moment we wish you a goodnight and we will meet you again soon from the Capital, goodbye!