The plan

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Jun 08, 2017

Every big adventure starts with a very crappy and optimistic plan that will never be respected. We are no different. So, what’s the plan? The plan is to start from Tallinn on 11th of June and head South. We have already been in Riga so to earn time we will go straight to Lithuania during the first day. Rather than visiting Vilnius, we are planning to visit and take hopefully some good shots at the Hill of Crosses and then go to Kaunas to spend the night. From there, we want to go to Poland, specifically we want to hike a bit in the biggest national park, where we hope to have some fresh air and spot some animals! The plan is then to spend the night somewhere on the way to Ukraine, next stop of our trip. We will cross the border the next day, and most likely visit Lviv before heading to the central Ukraine and pay a visit to Ira’s family and friends. After few days spent in Ukraine, we need to decide whether to pass through Moldova and attempt two border crossings in one day or take the long way and reach directly Romania. Weather allowing, Romania should have good places for trying to take some picture of the Milky Way and also we definitely want to pass on the Transfagarasan road, a very beautiful panoramic road that links the South of Romania with the Transylvania. With a very good amount of countryside pictures, we will go to Budapest and enjoy a bit of city life and cheap beer; not for long though, since the day after we will make everything possible to reach the Slovakian Paradise, a beautiful natural reserve that charmed us just looking at the pictures and then sleep in Bratislava, probably meeting some local friend. From here, we will be involved in a bit more of City tourism: Vienna, Venice and Rome where we will meet Dani’s family and friends, overeat all the ice creams that we cannot find in Estonia and enjoy the hopefully sunny weather. Italy has much (too much for few days) to offer, but we will probably choose some destination on the way (some Tuscany city? Cinque terre? Who knows) to visit and where to spend the night before heading to Switzerland and its lakes. We will also cross Liechtenstein, where we will probably be very careful not to buy anything, on the way to Germany. It will be already time to go back home, so we will need to drive back to Tallinn, and we are planning to pass through Prague (CZ), Poznan (PL) and Vilnius (LT). It seems so short writing it, but I hope that these 25 days will pass slowly and that we will be able to enjoy every place and collect our flags. Yes, we are planning to get at least 1 flag for each country we are passing through. Buying it, stealing it, grabbing it from some kid hands, it doesn’t matter. We want our flags.