A ‘Milky Way’ to spend a weekend on Hiiumaa

  • Post by Daniele & Ira
  • Sep 28, 2017

Hello everyone!

This has been a while since we planned our weekend of Milky Way hunting, but we finally did it!

So, we picked our perfect astronomical night on September 23rd, using the tools described in-depth here and we decided to chase the stars on the second biggest islands of Estonia, Hiiumaa.

This time we have been accompanied by our Italian pals Leo and Stefano.

The trip began on Saturday morning with unexpected turns of events, because of which we barely made it in time for the booked ferry. After 1,5h of cruise from Rohuküla to Heltermaa we “landed” and started discovering the island.img Mission #1 was taking selfies with buffaloes resting on the lawn. After that we had to find a place where we would stay for the night. Booking.com brought us to the place Ilus Villem situated on the nearby tiny island called Kassari. Without even reading the reviews we headed there, why you ask, the reason is simple – WE WILL BE SLEEPING IN A BARREL!img

In less than an hour we reached our destination and fell in love with the residence we’d be staying at. The place is a beautiful hotel-restaurant center with wooden tepee, picnic areas and playground. But the main reason we decided to go there, as was mentioned before, was staying at night at wooden barrels in an apple garden.

After exploring the place a bit we went to the edge of the island called Sääretirp, imga peninsula in the southwestern part of Kassari Island, about 2 kilometers of rocky soil accompanied with horses. A really great walk in the picturesque slopes of the cape made us starving, so we headed back to our piece of paradise. We feasted with “Beef tenderloin with mixed vegetables and potato gratin in red vine sauce“ imgas a main course with some local beer,

imgand for dessert “Chocolate fondant with ice cream and wild berries“. The food was very delicious and the prices were proportional. It was after 20:00 when we started deciding when to head to our predefined photographic spot.

The place we chose sat all the way on the west of the island, but since the general area of the island is 989 km2 , it took us 1,5h to get there. At 22:00 the sky was completely dark and all of us could observe the beauty of the Milky Way with the naked eye. We armed ourselves with cameras and other fancy gadgets we purchased and started capturing the sky. We are very happy with the results of our night shooting and soon we will upload the pics to the gallery, img but for now as a hint here’s a picture of the Milky Way 🙂

At midnight the Milky Way started hiding so we decided to start moving back where our wooden barrels were waiting for us. All tired but impressed we got back to our residence and started fighting with the insects that resided in those barrels, from sleepy flies to wasps. For some of us this night was something exotic and new, on the other hand some of us experienced sleeping in the car. Anyway it was fun 🙂

After having breakfast in the morning, that we brought from Tallinn, we drove to Kardla, the biggest city on the island, and as the legend says “I don’t remember this, something business related”.

The season on the island ended on 15th of September, so it was pretty deserted. Despite that we felt lucky and decided to visit as much places of interest as possible before our ferry back to Tallinn.img

On our slow ride through the woods to Tahkuna Lighthouse we made some random stops to walk in the woods, look into underground shelters from soviet times and just have some fresh air. imgAs we guessed the lighthouse entrance wasn’t available anymore, so we just walked around and took pictures.

After exploring this part of the island it was already lunchtime, so we went back to Kardla to this suggested restaurant called Wabrik Pubi. After we had some kick-ass burgers with beer at this ex-factory we still had lot of places to visit. Next stop was Kõpu Lighthouse, a very nice, ancient and authentic lighthouse, one of the best known symbols and tourist sights in Hiiumaa. After that we paid our visit to Ristna Lighthouse hiding in the woods and started moving back to the dock. One part of max 30km per hour road slowed us a bit down, nevertheless we made it again, being the last car on the ferry.img On our way back to imgTallinn we had a very relaxing trip with a majestic sunset drowning in the sea and gorgeous views.

We made it fast and safe from Rohuküla to Tallinn and this is how our adventure ended here 🙂

We would like to thank Leo and Stefano for joining us and to you all we wish a nice day and stay tuned!